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"Kangen" means "return to origin" and describes water as it was meant to be - before the earth became polluted. Kangen water is rich in minerals, purged of impurities, and ionized through electrolysis. It is changing the lives of so many around the world.

Along with the outstanding benefits to your health through drinking, Kangen ionized water provides many other uses around the home and personal care. Going "green" is inherent with every aspect of the Kangen water experience as it is is free of chemicals which can harm your health and environment. 

1. KANGEN DRINKING WATER  (Alkaline)    pH 8.5   pH 9.0   pH 9.5
    Healthy people should drink half their body weight in ounces daily. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds you will want to drink 75 ounces 75 ounces of water daily, about half a gallon. Start at 8.5 pH alkalinity and as toxins are released from the body over time start drinking 9.0 pH and then as more toxins are released form the body, continue with 9.5 pH.

Benefits of drinking alkaline Kangen water:
- Super Cellular Hydration (assists the body to rebuild itself)
- Detoxify and Neutralize Acidity (disease can't exist in an alkaline body)                                        
- Strong Anti-oxidant source (slows body's aging process)
- Powerful Anti-inflammatory ( removes cause of 'chronic diseases')                                     
- Disarms "Free Radicals" ( rebuilds the body to it's original state)                                           
- Restores Normal Alkalinity ( changes water's acid pH to alkaline pH)                                           
- Makes Micro-clustered Water (water is more easily absorbed by cells)                                           
- Enhances delivery of nutrients                                           
- Produces High Negative ORP (high oxidation -reduction potential)                                           
- Increases blood oxygenation

 Pregnant woman should drink Kangen Water

 All these properties transform the body from an acidic, toxic environment to a clean, alkaline, anti-aging one. Health comes from within at the cellular level. A clean, alkaline, anti-oxidant environment provides ease for nutrients to enter the cells and waste products to be removed. Also, it improves the body ability to communicate on bio-energetic level within the cells as well as between the cells.

2. STRONG ACIDIC WATER  (Acidic)    pH 2.3 - pH2.7  (not for drinking)
    Has strong anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, anti-mold properties which is used for household cleaning, food preparation, and bodily health. This will prevent the spread of infections.

- Cleans household surfaces (countertops,cutting boards, bathrooms, ect.)
- Kills bacteria on food
- Used on minor cuts and scrapes to clean infections and nail fungus.
- Oral care (mouthwash to kill mouth and throat bacteria bacteria that cause dental infections, sore throats  
   and cavities).
- Skin blemishes (kills bacteria causing acne)
- Nasal lavage for mild sinus infections with Netti Pot.
- Supplements stomach acid at beginning of meal to assist in protein digestion
   (used in small amount if have weak digestive enzymes. helps absorb nutrients)

3.CLEAN WATER   (Neutral)    pH 7.0 
   Is clean drinking water free of chlorine and impurities while keeping buffering minerals such as calcium, magnesium,sodium and potassium. It is used when taking medication and making drinks for infants and small children.

   Beneficial for overall health and beauty of your skin, scalp and hair. It tightens, softens, and provides an excellent environment for healing many common skin conditions. Can be used as spray or spritz through the day. Naturally, the skin acts as a barrier and needs to slightly acidic at pH 4-6.
- Astringent properties (tightens pores just like a toner)
- Power skin firming effects
- Great for skin problems (Eczema, psoriasis, acne, burns, dry skin, rashes,cold sores, sunburn)

5. STRONG KANGEN WATER  (Strong alkaline water)    pH 11.5 or higher  (Special Sickness for drinking)  
 Used for cutting through grease and grime as well as having similar properties as mild acidic water (beauty 
- Chemical free cleaner for grease and oil build up on all surfaces
- Used as detergent for washing clothes
- Used to unclog drains.
- Used to remove heat and swelling of body joints.
- Reduce inflammation and redness of acne , eczema and psoriasis.
- Washes oil based pesticides off fruits and vegetables. Also effective in cleaning cutting boards and dishcloths.

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